Welcome to Page III of The Black Madonnas...This page is for lack of a better cliché, under construction. Please give me time to get all of these Ladies properly introduced. Right now, I'm just trying to get them up and posted on the page. This has been one of the more difficult sections of the web site. But its coming along nicely, I think. And again, this represents a PORTION of the Ladies that do reside here. My goal is to get ALL of them up and posted on these pages. Its a good thing to have goals and dreams.



As most of you should know, this Lady needs no introduction. Say hello and pay your respects to ISIS.






Mary, Star of the Sea







Black Madonna of Czestochowa







Another nursing Madonna. This is Mary in her role as Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Nighttime Sky. This is taken from a wood carving named "The Lunar Madonna" by the 15th Century German master Albrecht Durer.






Another Lady that should need no introduction, this is the Lady Venus. A rather stylized rendition of the birth of Venus, or Aphrodite arising from the Sea. 















Virgen Noire de Le Puy








Black Tara
















Mary Magdalene









Nuestra Señora de Regla





And again, we come to the end of another page of the Ladies that have captured my heart, soul and imagination. Not an easy task, let me tell you...well, maybe the imagination part. Thank you so much for bearing with me while I get these up and posted. And stay tuned for Page IV.









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