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Probable course of Phaeton and the results. From the premium subscribers newsletter.




Debris from the La Brea Tar Pits---not quite the complete and intact animals that they would have us believe were found. Note also that human remains were found in this mess. Now, if we were STUPID enough to wander into the tar pits on our own volition, then we would have died out many Moons ago. Whatever they found in here was deposited in here---and rather violently by the looks of it. :)



This one is extremely interesting and should be considered with the snippet of the article about the Iturralde Crater in Bolivia. Here are pictured a series of lakes as seen from the air, (obviously) at Point Barrow, Alaska. Notice the strange northwest alignment? That alignment will come up again and again, including in the picture below.




Now this is just plain disturbing. This is known as "breccia" a rather strange compendium material that is composed of various animal and plant remains. This is a relatively rare substance, usually found packed tightly into the backs of caves. What is particularly disturbing is that MOST of it is found in caves with the cave opening on a North-Northwest alignment. So it would appear that its not that they were hiding in the caves but were violently deposited there. 



My somewhat strange seeing this thing hurtling atPhaeton-The Fireball from Hell the planet and at you, huh? This was made in Paint Shop Pro. For more of my weird stuff, see the choker section.




This is odd, and back by an even stranger popular demand...This I caught coming out of the Sun on March 21, 2000. The strange thing about it was that I before I saw this or the following pictures, I was staring into a candle---which sets something weird off in my head---and told my husband that there were angels fighting in the Sun.


This showed up the next day...And yes, I hang out at NASA like a street corner hoodlum. What makes this particularly interesting is that you can see a form, like a dark wizard standing in the Sun. After driving the other Angel out, apparently.  Still don't see it? keep scrolling...



Now do you see it? And look can see a face. A perfect eye looks out from the wizard's robes...Fanciful? Probably...but a few days before it happened was when I told my husband that there were angels fighting in the Sun. I didn't know what I meant by that, but it looks like something was going on....



My rather poor attempt to highlight the areas that I saw things in...itsangelinenhcdetail.jpg (26841 bytes) tough drawing with a touch pad.





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