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The lettering on the shroud of Turin---reported in BMN 05-01-2002






Will the REAL Mona Lisa, please stand up?


The larger picture is believed to be 'The Gioconda,' not the 'Mona Lisa'. I know it's a crappy scanner is dying. BMN is definitely on Life Support.  But it's also scanned out of an old book. Just take a minute and look at the background...'The Gioconda' {Louvre Mona Lisa} definitely looks finished while the 'Isleworth Mona Lisa' is stark and unfinished. The 'Isleworth Mona Lisa' looks to be a much younger and prettier woman than the woman in 'The Gioconda' Another reason it's hard to get a decent copy of 'Isleworth Mona Lisa' is because it's in a private collection. The third picture is the sketch of the 'Mona Lisa' by Raphael that hangs in the Louvre. Click HERE for the Louvre Mona Lisa, or the Gioconda...





In 1980 the bones of a bird with a wingspan of twenty-five feet were found in Central Argentina. It has been named the "Magnificent Argentine Bird" AKA "Argentavis magnificens." It is estimated to be about eight million years old. This species is the largest flying bird discovered. So far...

Kenneth E. Campbell, (one of the discoverers,) stands in front of a silhouette of the "Magnificent Argentine Bird." And yes, this is to scale...This is on display at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Kinda gives a whole new spin to "Big Bird,"  doesn't it?




Piri Re'is Map

The very enigmatic and totally unexplained map from a LONG time ago...way before anyone thought there was a "NEW WORLD." However this map not only points this out, but it also shows the South Pole as a continent....without the ice. The implications of this are just a touch staggering. 





Aerial view of the Monk's Mound, courtesy of the USGS. Underneath this structure, they found a gigantic pile of stones that could have only been put there by human hands...BMN 5-27-2002






Pedro, the mummy found in the completely inaccessible cave in Wyoming.  According to the experts, he was a full grown man about 65 years old. Sitting, he is only 14 inches tall. What is perhaps even more bizarre, is that there was no possible way in OR out of the cave. Think about that one for awhile...BMN 6-8-2002





The Iron Pillar at Delphi, which shouldn't even exist---another very enigmatic OOPART. From BMN 06-21-2001 Not sure what an OOPart is? Maybe you need to subscribe to the newsletter, huh?





Once again we come to a close. I will update this when and as I can. I hope its been a slice. Please check back and see what else I may have scraped up.











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