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This skull is definitely an OOPart...Robert Connelly found this while hunting down anomalous skulls in South America.




So is the size of this dude's melon. Yet another OOPart. This is actually a skull found in the Lovelock Cave of the Lake Lahonaton area of Nevada. BMN- 6-14-2002




John Bentley, an unfortunate victim of the strangeness known as Spontaneous Human Combustion, or SHC for short. It's a rather rude phenomenon. It makes people talk about you after you're obviously dead. 





Well, I can't even begin to count the anomalies in this painting. First of all, seated at the RIGHT hand of Christ is the Beloved Apostle purported to be the one who wrote Revelations. He's a She. She is even wearing a necklace. The position of the arms and bodies of Christ and the Beloved Apostle form a large M, believed to be for Mary Magdalene.

 One of the apostles is threatening her, with a chopping motion across her throat. A disembodied hand appears to be threatening one of the apostles on her right with what looks like a blade...but there is no one holding it. Leonardo painted himself in the role of an apostle, paying no attention to the matters at hand, but seems buried in his own discussion to the left of Christ. The apostle directly behind the person on Christ's left is making the sign of John the Baptist, the right forefinger pointed straight up. Not to be nit picking or anything, but where's the wine? What WAS Leonardo trying to tell us in one of the most beloved paintings of all times? Mysteries inside mysteries...





Charles Fort, father of the Forteans, collector of odd bizarre facts and OOparts, and a  madman. My kinda guy...








Found during a dive off of Egypt, near Alexandria. A great many statues and buildings were found, including this one of the Goddess ISIS








This picture was sent in by two readers and reportedly, the people walked away from this accident. This was allegedly taken by a police photographer immediately following the crash. When it was developed, this ghostly apparition appeared. Someone's guardian angel, caught on film?





Well, I think I've caused all the damage on this page that I can. Check Page IV for more images of the strange...






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