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I hate doing these pages. My name is Laura, I live in Colorado, with 2 dogs & 2 hamsters and my extremely understanding husband. Say Hi! to Gar, my husband. He's research, support, chief cook, and without him this wouldn't be happening at all. AKA "Sparky," the electrician. He also built my computer. What a guy. 

Before anyone asks, I don't do the daily astrological mailings that a lot of astrologers do. I figure you could probably get 30 to 50 mailed to you daily, and it still won't be that accurate. Consider this, you share your astrological sign with half a billion people. Gee, 1/2 billion... Anyway, that's asking way too much. So I write the Astrological week in preview telling you what the planets are doing. I tend to look at half a billion people having the same kind of day I am is just too kinky and way too unlikely. So you will not receive your horoscope from this site. For detailed charts, I'm pretty much a stickler for getting the birth time. With a generic Sun Sign horoscope they don't even factor in the date. So now you know. Don't look for the daily horoscope here.

I work as a psychic, and have the testimonials that say I tend to be eerily accurate. I'm a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Scorpio Ascendant, which means I'll really mess with your mind, but feel real bad about it. I'm also an astrologer with 25 years in the field, along with reading the TaroT, and some weird ability to crawl into people's head. I own and run Angel Astrology.

To sum it up I'm a poet, prophet, madman and priestess of absolutely nothing. I also happen to be an ordained Gnostic Minister. Christian, yes. But an ancient form of Christianity that everyone's priest, preacher and parents have warned you about. I believe in running down blind dogma and looking for the truth. Plus I believe in just about every strange theory. I have no other answer for the things I've seen, heard and done.

My husband said something the other night and here I fell for it thinking that he was paying me a compliment. He said I was the "Will Rogers of the paranormal." Then the other shoe fell. He said "You never met an anomaly that you didn't like." So much for compliments from the spouse....  I do have a point where I just can't believe something, though. I'm not that much of a gull-a-bull. What a nin-cow-poop. (With fond nods to Bugs Bunny.)


Yes, this a picture of me. That's all. You can go somewhere else on the site now. Or elsewhere altogether. Nothing to see here. Bye.


Here is a picture of my grandfather and his white streak as reported in Blue Moon News - 8-15-2001. Isn't it cool looking?  The family's "other" curse...By the way, this is Harry Seifer, from my heroes page. This is the only link he has. But he will be remembered on my page if nowhere else. He was so seriously awesome and not just for his white streak which I inherited. He used to own a carnival in the 30's and 40's. Here are some of the documents from his carnival. He so seriously rocked---some of the stories from the carnival still have me laughing. 


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Which is a perfect segue into my latest cause. HBO© had the most delightful show on Sunday nights called Carnivąle. As with ALL shows that I get attached to, and there are not many, this one too suffered a premature death. I can count the number of shows I watched religiously over the last 5 years on one hand. 

Carnivąle, Dead Like Me, Millennium, BtVS. Guess what ALL of them have in common? THEY AREN'T ON ANYMORE! Buffy is the only one that made it past 3 seasons. ANYWAY!!

 Back to the rant and the raving---Carnivąle was killed off because they just didn't know what to make of it. (It upset a lot of people when it was dumped for stupid shit like Lisa Kudrow's doofy ass show that already sank in the ratings after 2 airings.)  It was all about a carnival troupe set in the Depression that becomes involved in the fight between the Darkness and the Light. It was really good! It had an amazing cast, intelligent writing and a theme that was older than time. Since TBTB over at HBO snuffed out the Light, there has grown a movement to bring it back. is dedicated to 'persuade' those that rule over at HBO to please bring back our show!! You can even find original artwork by moi in the Save Carnivąle Cafe Press Store. Mine is the Sophie picture. I'm getting it on a pillow thanks to the generosity of the lady that runs the site. (Thanks Julie! You rule...) 

So if any of you are into the show or know about it, PLEASE HELP! Go buy one of the Sophie pillows or even better the ART PRINT! :):) Or maybe the tile box---it rocks. Hell, if they bring back Carnivąle, I will bring back BMN. How does that sound? :) 



And I have this strange BtVS thing going too. It WAS a quality show.. Its a thing...Here's the results of a Buffy Quiz I took. In case you're a fan and wondering...Angel is a poof, and Spike rules. Of course, that's just my opinion, but I'm not wrong...


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